I've known Tajsha for a long time. She's a friend of a friend of so many of my friends that it was impossible not to cross paths. She is a woman of many talents. She took photography in college as well. I also happen to have gone to college with her fiance' Rod. He is complete jokester so I knew we'd have some laughs on this shoot. It was my first time shooting at the International Peace Gardens, but it was actually very beautiful and versatile. Definitely going to shoot there again.

Spring blooms in an Orchard! What an awesome location!

Funny thing, I got pulled over right when I was supposed to be at this shoot. Apparently my tail lights were out. This sweet family waited for me and were still all smiles even though I was about 20 minutes late.

This family makes some beautiful kids. I took Marissa's sister Margie's pictures a few years ago. She has such mesmerizing eyes and a silly bubbly personality. Her laughs were the best and made for great candids!

These adorable twin girls are my best friend's daughters and two of my sons' best friends. These darlings had an rough time coming into this world but luckily they've beat the odds and here they are on their 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday sweet girls!

My sister's husband's aunt  Jackie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has been battling it for some time. She reached out to have some final family pictures taken as well as a picture to use for her obituary. It was an incredibly moving and emotional photoshoot. The love for her was in the air. I was glad to be able to do this for her.

Luan and his sister Nungh were friends of ours at Upward Bound. Luan was in town from the San Diego Naval Base and so his sister reached out for some family pictures. We took them in their parent's house since it was the dead of winter and nobody wanted to freeze outside. 

A baby is on the way for Kasey, Alexis and their girls. 

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